What if you could finance a college education
without debt?


The Problem

Going to college may be the best way to get ahead,
but borrowing money for tuition may be a trap.

Our Solution

Finance your education without debt.
Use our locally controlled, equity based technology
to send members of your community through college.

Why use our system?

Defaulting on your student loans creates significant problems. It hurts your credit rating, makes it more difficult to get a job and, the longer you wait to pay it off, the more it will end up costing.  Because at the end of the day, lenders are going to get their money.  

  1. The specter of default often forces students to go to college part time or not at all, both of which don’t hold up when compared to a full time college education.

  2. The outcome is lower paying jobs, and, consequently, less available income for community investment.

How it works

  • You only owe if you are making money – if you are out of work, you don’t owe.

  • You pay a fixed percentage of what you earn. In our pilot program in Santa Maria, California, students paid 5 percent per year if they earned over $18,000.  But you can adjust your parameters accordingly.

  • Financing is local, allowing communities to build the system and choose the structure that works best.

identifying the need

In early 2013 The Parthenon Group designed and executed a survey on our behalf. The goal of the survey was to assess the potential market size and interest by students in our new way of paying for college. The survey also assessed the level of knowledge that students have of debt financed education and the risks and issues they face in paying for college.

We want to thank The Parthenon Group again for their pro bono support of our efforts and the great work they did. To view the results click here.

13th Avenue Funding Student Video